5 August 2014

Il team di lavoro del progetto di catalogazione degli incunaboli della Biblioteca Vaticana

1 July 2014

Halfway through digitizing the Bodleian's Barocci collection, we offer a layperson's introduction to these fascinating manuscripts

11 April 2014

A short video created for the University of Oxford offers a look inside the process of digitization

17 March 2014

An Oxford doctoral student highlights two new manuscripts digitized by the Bodleian

5 February 2014

Reproduktion in der Vatikanischen Bibliothek - Digital Reproduction in the Vatican Library

5 February 2014

Particularités observées durant la description

5 February 2014

Recomposition d'un bi-feuillet dans un reliure montée

4 February 2014

Le travail de l’atelier de restauration de la Bibliothèque Apostolique Vaticane

4 February 2014

Peculiarities found during the description process

4 February 2014

Reconstitution of conjoined leaves on bound volumes