New manuscripts from the Vatican Library

In the last month, the Vatican Library has added 107 new items—mostly Greek and Hebrew manuscripts—to its online holdings for the Polonsky Foundation Digitization Project. You can check out these items, as well as the Vatican's previously digitized holdings, on our Digitized Items pages. Here are a few items of particular interest among the new additions:


Barb. gr. 206, a relatively late 1669 Greek and Latin commentary, was written in an informal hand:


Barb. gr. 206 p. 789



Another 17th-century manuscript, Ott. gr. 121, features both an unusual Greek script and a Latin title page, showing the delicate evidence of iron-gall ink burns:


Ott. gr. 121 f. IIr


Ott. gr. 121 f. 2v



Two 11th- or 12th-century manuscripts, Ott. gr. 88 and Ott. gr. 175, are written in a very clear hand, with beautiful embellishments:


Ott. gr. 88 f. 1r


Ott. gr. 175 f. 4r



The 16th-century Ott. gr. 288 is especially ornate:


Ott. gr. 288 f. 27r



Vat. gr. 1927 is an illustrated psalter from the 12th century:


Vat. gr. 1927 f. 66r



And finally, Ott. gr. 354, a 17th-century physiology whose illustrations suggest that the text, for readers of Greek, is very interesting indeed:


Ott. gr. 354 f. 42v



Among the newly added Hebrew manuscripts, we have Barb. or. 44, a Latin-Hebrew dictionary from the 17th century:


Barb. or. 44 f. 20r



Neofiti 2, an immaculate Biblical commentary from 1473: 


Neofiti 2 f. 19v



And finally, the beautiful Vat. ebr. 7, a 14th-century Bible:


Vat. ebr. 7 f. 6r


Vat. ebr. 7 f. 31r