New manuscripts from the Oppenheim and Huntington collections

As we enter the final stretch of the project, production is ramping up. Eighty-five new Hebrew manuscripts from the Bodleian went online yesterday, mostly from our Oppenheim and Huntington collections. We expect to complete another 60 early next week, so keep watching our Digitized Items pages. You can also search for titles or authors in Digital.Bodleian to find what you're interested in (there are currently 11 items in Digital.Bodleian by Moses Maimonides).


For those who may not know what they're looking for, here are a few highlights from the 85 manuscripts that are newly online:


MS. Oppenheim Add. 4° 157: astronomical tables

This heavily restored manuscript from the 15th century contains Joseph ben Japhet ha-Levi's Ner Yiśraʼel, with astronomical tables appended.

MS. Oppenheim Add. 4° 157
MS. Oppenheim Add. 4° 157, fol. 16r


MS. Huntington 529: a Qu'ran in Hebrew letters

The Huntington collection, collected by Robert Huntington in the mid-to-late 17th century and bought by the Library in 1693, contains a number of Judaeo-Arabic manuscripts, in which the Arabic language is transcribed in the Hebrew alphabet. This Qu'ran is an excellent example. Another is MS. Huntington 616, a commentary on Ecclesiastes.

MS. Huntington 529, fol. 2r
MS. Huntington 529, fol. 2r


MS. Huntington 309: Kabbalah

This manuscript, dating from 1415, is a collection of texts relating to the mystical school of thought known as Kabbalah, is bound in partially restored tooled leather. For those interested in the subject, MS. Reggio 23, digitized in November, is a slightly later collection of kabbalistic and philosophical texts.

MS. Huntington 309 fol. 46r
MS. Huntington 309, fol. 46r

MS. Huntington 309 fol. 94r
MS. Huntington 309, fol. 94r


MS. Canonici Or. 22: Pentateuch

Finally, for those missing the Italianate elegance of the Canonici collection, we have digitized MS. Canonici Or. 22, a 15th-century Pentateuch on parchment, with vowel pointing.

MS. Canon. Or. 22 fol. 11r
MS. Canonici Or. 22, fol. 11r