6 July 2017
Mirador screencap

Using Mirador to compare eight editions of a popular tract

17 June 2017

Researching scholia in the age of digitization

8 June 2017

A recently digitized manuscript of the Halakhot Gedolot

19 April 2017

Comparing marginal drawings in two of the Bodleian's Hebrew manuscripts

22 March 2017
Inc.II.2 fol. 2r

Using Mirador to compare editions of Cicero's letters

21 February 2017
Scanner Metis DRS 50x75 with book cradle

An update on scanning technology at the Vatican Library

3 February 2017
ruling, fol. 31v

A comparison of Bodleian and Vatican manuscripts using Mirador

18 January 2017

Building a virtual reading room for our digitized collections

21 December 2016
Auct. 2Q 2.18 fol. [a1]r

The 1481 edition with Landino's commentary has been digitized by the Bodleian

15 November 2016
MS. Kennicott 1 fol. 439r

The Bodleian has digitized a jewel from its Hebrew collection