MS. Kennicott 3

MS. Kennicott 3 is a wonderful and rare example of a dated and lavishly illustrated Ashkenazi Pentateuch with the Five Scrolls and the Additional Readings from the Prophets. Although its place or places of origin are still not clear, ranging from Northern France to Krinau in Northeast Switzerland, what is clear is the quality and imaginative power of the illuminations, as well as the coherent arrangement of the various components of the text on the page. The manuscript offers ample opportunities for further research.

Humash (Pentateuch) with Onkelos (Aramaic translation), the Five Scrolls (Song of Songs, Ruth, Ecclesiastes, Lamentations, and Esther) and Haftarot (selections from the books of Prophets). With both Masorahs and vocalized (except for the last two Haftarot on Ta‘anit). [Written in Ashkenaz in 1299. Ashkenazic square script. 2 coll., small fol., vellum, ff. 297, illuminations]