MS. Kennicott 3
The Kennicott Bible
Catalogue Information

This Hebrew Bible owes its name to the English Hebraist Benjamin Kennicott (1718-1783), who acquired it while Librarian of the Radcliffe Library in Oxford. Made at Corunna in north-west Spain, it is bound in a contemporary goatskin box-binding, of which only five other examples are extant. Its fine parchment pages contain exceptionally beautiful combinations of calligraphy by the scribe Moses Ibn Zabara, and illuminations and decorative penmanship by the artist Joseph Ibn Hayyim.


Humash (Pentateuch) with Onkelos (Aramaic translation), the Five Scrolls (Song of Songs, Ruth, Ecclesiastes, Lamentations, and Esther) and Haftarot (selections from the books of Prophets). With both Masorahs and vocalized (except for the last two Haftarot on Ta‘anit). [Written in Ashkenaz in 1299. Ashkenazic square script. 2 coll., small fol., vellum, ff. 297, illuminations]