26 Marzo 2018
Eventbrite tickets

Eventbrite tickets

13 Marzo 2018
MS. Kennicott 1, fol. 122r

We're gathering information about what you'd like to find here.

16 Ottobre 2017

Photographer John Barrett shares his experiences working on the project.

13 Ottobre 2017
First page of Arch. G e.8

Simon Thomas takes a look at the first book to be printed in Oxford.

28 Settembre 2017

As we wrap up the project, a look at our workflow and future plans

6 Luglio 2017
Mirador screencap

Using Mirador to compare eight editions of a popular tract

17 Giugno 2017

Researching scholia in the age of digitization

8 Giugno 2017

A recently digitized manuscript of the Halakhot Gedolot

19 Aprile 2017

Comparing marginal drawings in two of the Bodleian's Hebrew manuscripts

22 Marzo 2017
Inc.II.2 fol. 2r

Using Mirador to compare editions of Cicero's letters