Early Printed Books by Language

A selection of incunables in Latin.

Bodleian Vatican
4° B 2 Art. Seld. Inc.Chig.I.247
4° B 27 Jur. Inc.Chig.II.26
4° B 6 Th. Seld. Inc.Chig.II.362
4° C 1 Art. Seld. Inc.Chig.II.634
4° D 20 Jur. Inc.Chig.II.638
4° F 1(5,6) Art. Inc.Chig.II.641
4° F 2(1) Art. Seld. Inc.Chig.II.646
4° I 1 Th. Seld. Inc.Chig.II.653
4° M 6A Th. Seld. Inc.Chig.II.656
4° M 6b Th. Seld. Inc.Chig.II.657
4° P 10 Jur. Seld. Inc.Chig.II.662
8° M 40 Th. Seld. Inc.Chig.II.7
8° Rawl. 167 Inc.Chig.III.260
8° Rawl. 167* Inc.Chig.III.263bis
Antiq. d.F.9 Inc.Chig.III.282
Arch. B a.1 Inc.Chig.III.325
Arch. B b.10 Inc.Chig.III.345
Arch. B b.11 Inc.Chig.III.408
Arch. B b.19 Inc.Chig.IV.1254
Arch. B c.25 Inc.Chig.IV.1407
Arch. G b.3 Inc.Chig.IV.2194(7)
Arch. G b.4 Inc.Chig.IV.2194(9)
Arch. G d.37 Inc.Chig.IV.721
Arch. G d.38 Inc.Chig.S.186
Arch. G e.3 Inc.Chig.S.437
Arch. G e.8 Inc.Chig.S.439
Arch. G e.6(1) Inc.Chig.V.4939
Ashm. 154 Inc.I.3
Ashm. 529 Inc.I.33
Auct. 1Q 1.5 Inc.I.65
Auct. 1Q 1.25 Inc.I.76
Auct. 1Q 2.2 Inc.I.88
Auct. 1Q 2.31 Inc.II.2
Auct. 1Q 3.6 Inc.II.3
Auct. 1Q 3.21 Inc.II.10
Auct. 1Q 3.26 Inc.II.11
Auct. 1Q 5.8 Inc.II.15
Auct. 1Q 5.18 Inc.II.16
Auct. 1Q 5.23 Inc.II.21
Auct. 1Q 5.30 Inc.II.22
Auct. 1Q 5.33 Inc.II.25
Auct. 1Q 5.36 Inc.II.82
Auct. 1Q 5.48 Inc.II.121
Auct. 1Q 5.37(1) Inc.II.122
Auct. 1Q 6.4 Inc.II.132
Auct. 1Q 6.10 Inc.II.133
Auct. 1Q 6.23 Inc.II.153
Auct. 1Q 6.73 Inc.II.156
Auct. 1Q 7.1 Inc.II.188
Auct. 1Q 7.5 Inc.II.189
Auct. 1Q 7.35 Inc.II.245
Auct. 1Q 7.48 Inc.II.252
Auct. 1Q 7.65 Inc.II.254
Auct. 1Q 7.73 Inc.II.255
Auct. 1Q 7.75 Inc.II.256
Auct. 1Q 7.78 Inc.II.298
Auct. 1Q inf. 1.13 Inc.II.312
Auct. 1Q inf. 1.50 Inc.II.314
Auct. 1Z 2.1 Inc.II.345
Auct. 1Z 2.2 Inc.II.355
Auct. 2Q 2.10 Inc.II.394
Auct. 2Q 3.15 Inc.II.436
Auct. 2Q 3.18 Inc.II.445
Auct. 2Q 3.37 Inc.II.492
Auct. 2Q 4.7 Inc.II.525
Auct. 2Q 4.19 Inc.II.532
Auct. 2Q 4.38 Inc.II.542
Auct. 2Q 4.53 Inc.II.613
Auct. 2Q 5.2 Inc.II.658
Auct. 2Q 5.5 Inc.II.683
Auct. 2Q 5.9 Inc.II.685
Auct. 2Q 5.15 Inc.II.725
Auct. 2Q 5.19 Inc.II.748
Auct. 2Q 5.30 Inc.II.750
Auct. 2Q 5.35 Inc.II.751
Auct. 2Q 5.39 Inc.II.752
Auct. 2Q 5.45 Inc.II.762
Auct. 2Q 5.56 Inc.II.788
Auct. 2Q 5.57 Inc.II.795
Auct. 2Q 5.58 Inc.II.798
Auct. 2Q 5.67 Inc.II.810
Auct. 2Q 5.78 Inc.II.815
Auct. 2Q 5.83 Inc.II.886
Auct. 2Q 5.85 Inc.II.889
Auct. 2Q 5.86 Inc.II.915
Auct. 2Q 5.87a Inc.III.1
Auct. 2Q 6.26 Inc.III.2
Auct. 2Q 6.36 Inc.III.5
Auct. 2Q 6.41 Inc.III.13
Auct. 2Q 6.51 Inc.III.14
Auct. 2Q 6.62 Inc.III.15
Auct. 2Q 6.68 Inc.III.16
Auct. 2Q 6.69 Inc.III.18
Auct. 2Q 6.75 Inc.III.23
Auct. 2Q 6.77 Inc.III.83
Auct. 2Q inf. 1.6 Inc.III.87
Auct. 2Q inf. 2.1 Inc.III.114
Auct. 2Q inf. 2.64 Inc.III.139(2)
Auct. 2Q inf. 2.76 Inc.III.154
Auct. 2Q inf. 2.77 Inc.III.160
Auct. 2Q inf. 2.79 Inc.III.184
Auct. 2Q inf. 2.81 Inc.III.185
Auct. 2Z 2.1 Inc.III.193
Auct. 3Q 1.5 Inc.III.200
Auct. 3Q 1.6 Inc.III.229
Auct. 3Q inf. 1.24 Inc.III.253
Auct. 4Q 1.1 Inc.III.265
Auct. 4Q 1.7 Inc.III.300
Auct. 4Q 1.8 Inc.III.365
Auct. 4Q 4.21 Inc.III.369
Auct. 4Q 4.38 Inc.III.371
Auct. 4Q 5.4 Inc.III.372
Auct. 4Q 5.30 Inc.III.375
Auct. 4Q 5.34 Inc.III.376
Auct. 4Q 5.38 Inc.III.378
Auct. 4Q 5.39 Inc.III.387
Auct. 4Q 5.40 Inc.III.388
Auct. 4Q 5.57 Inc.III.389
Auct. 4Q 6.4 Inc.III.390
Auct. 4Q 6.80 Inc.III.405
Auct. 4Q 6.83 Inc.III.413
Auct. 5Q 2.9 Inc.III.420
Auct. 5Q 6.12 Inc.III.421
Auct. 5Q inf. 2.1 Inc.III.424
Auct. 5Q inf. 2.2 Inc.III.496
Auct. 5Q inf. 2.3 Inc.III.503
Auct. 5Q inf. 2.4 Inc.III.510
Auct. 6Q 2.17 Inc.III.519
Auct. 6Q 3.5 Inc.IV.6
Auct. 6Q 3.24 Inc.IV.10
Auct. 6Q 3.25 Inc.IV.29
Auct. 6Q 3.42 Inc.IV.34
Auct. 6Q 5.31 Inc.IV.51(12)
Auct. 6Q 5.33 Inc.IV.51(38)
Auct. 6Q 6.4 Inc.IV.51(6)
Auct. 6Q 6.11 Inc.IV.54(25)
Auct. 6Q 6.29 Inc.IV.54(32)
Auct. 6Q 6.51 Inc.IV.73
Auct. 6Q 6.52 Inc.IV.77
Auct. 6Q 6.60 Inc.IV.121
Auct. 6Q 6.65 Inc.IV.214
Auct. 6Q 6.71 Inc.IV.235
Auct. 6Q 6.85 Inc.IV.257
Auct. 6Q 6.87 Inc.IV.279
Auct. 7Q 2.19 Inc.IV.336
Auct. 7Q 3.3 Inc.IV.339
Auct. 7Q 3.9 Inc.IV.345
Auct. 7Q 3.12 Inc.IV.352(13)
Auct. 7Q 3.13 Inc.IV.352(16)
Auct. 7Q 3.27 Inc.IV.352(17)
Auct. 7Q 4.12 Inc.IV.352(9)
Auct. 7Q 4.21 Inc.IV.353(2)
Auct. 7Q 4.30 Inc.IV.354(1)
Auct. 7Q 4.54 Inc.IV.354(11)
Auct. 7Q 5.16 Inc.IV.355(4)
Auct. 7Q 5.34 Inc.IV.355(5)
Auct. 7Q 5.41 Inc.IV.358(10)
Auct. 7Q 6.5 Inc.IV.358(7)
Auct. 7Q 6.6 Inc.IV.358(8)
Auct. 7Q 6.9 Inc.IV.358(9)
Auct. 7Q 6.22 Inc.IV.359(2)
Auct. 7Q 6.32 Inc.IV.359(6)
Auct. 7Q 6.39 Inc.IV.361(8)
Auct. 7Q 6.62 Inc.IV.366(2)
Auct. 7Q 6.48(1) Inc.IV.366(3)
Auct. 7Q 7.34 Inc.IV.368(9)
Auct. 7Q 7.35 Inc.IV.369(3)
Auct. 7Q 7.37 Inc.IV.369(7)
Auct. 7Q 7.38 Inc.IV.371(5)
Auct. 7Q 7.51 Inc.IV.394
Auct. 7Q 7.58 Inc.IV.413
Auct. 7Q inf. 1.6 Inc.IV.429(6)
Auct. 7Q inf. 1.7 Inc.IV.439(2)
Auct. L 3.26 Inc.IV.443
Auct. L 3.33 Inc.IV.447
Auct. L 4.22 Inc.IV.459
Auct. L 4.26 Inc.IV.511(1)
Auct. L 4.32 Inc.IV.511(2)
Auct. L 5.4 Inc.IV.528
Auct. L 5.6 Inc.IV.531
Auct. L 5.10 Inc.IV.535
Auct. L 5.21 Inc.IV.539(7)
Auct. M 1.4 Inc.IV.543
Auct. M 1.5 Inc.IV.546(14)
Auct. M 1.6 Inc.IV.546(5)
Auct. M 1.7 Inc.IV.561
Auct. M 1.8 Inc.IV.574(2)
Auct. M 1.9 Inc.IV.649
Auct. M 1.10 Inc.IV.696
Auct. M 1.11 Inc.IV.802
Auct. M 1.12 Inc.IV.823
Auct. M 1.13 Inc.IV.824
Auct. M 2.1 Inc.IV.840
Auct. M 2.4 Inc.IV.849
Auct. M 2.5 Inc.IV.895
Auct. M 2.9 Inc.IV.914
Auct. M 2.12 Inc.IV.954
Auct. M 2.14 Inc.Pages.12
Auct. M 2.15 Inc.S.1
Auct. M 3.1 Inc.S.7
Auct. M 3.2 Inc.S.9
Auct. M 3.3 Inc.S.10
Auct. M 3.10 Inc.S.11
Auct. M inf. 1.11 Inc.S.16
Auct. M inf. 1.6 Inc.S.50
Auct. M inf. 2.4 Inc.S.57
Auct. N 1.8 Inc.S.63
Auct. N 3.7 Inc.S.109
Auct. N 3.28 Inc.S.110
Auct. N 5.4 Inc.S.116
Auct. N 5.8 Inc.S.125
Auct. N 5.28 Inc.S.126
Auct. N 5.29 Inc.S.132
Auct. N 5.31 Inc.S.133
Auct. N 5.34 Inc.S.142
Auct. N 5.40 Inc.S.143
Auct. N 5.3(1-6) Inc.S.196
Auct. N inf. 1.16 Inc.S.197
Auct. N inf. 1.25 Inc.S.198
Auct. N inf. 1.27 Inc.S.212
Auct. N inf. 1.31 Inc.S.213
Auct. N inf. 1.34 Inc.S.214
Auct. N inf. 1.8 Inc.S.215
Auct. N inf. 2.12 Inc.S.244
Auct. N inf. 2.13 Inc.S.245
Auct. N inf. 2.8 Inc.V.5(2)
Auct. O 1.3 Inc.V.100
Auct. O 1.4 Inc.V.101
Auct. O 1.18b Inc.V.106
Auct. O 2.7 Inc.V.117
Auct. O 2.15 Inc.V.143
Auct. O 2.16 Inc.V.144
Auct. O 2.20 Inc.V.173
Auct. O 3.7 Inc.V.191
Auct. O 3.9 Inc.V.193
Auct. O 4.24 Inc.V.194
Auct. O 5.8 Inc.V.202
Auct. O inf. 1.16 Inc.V.219
Auct. O inf. 1.20 Inc.VI.21
Auct. O inf. 1.41 Inc.VI.26
Auct. O inf. 1.44 Inc.VI.35
Auct. O inf. 1.56 Membr.I.20
Auct. O inf. 1.61 Membr.I.25
Auct. O inf. 1.66 Membr.II.6
Auct. O inf. 2.4 Membr.II.7
Auct. P 4.21 Membr.II.8
Auct. P 4.22 Membr.II.9
Auct. P 5.31 Membr.II.11
Auct. P inf. 1.2 Membr.II.16
Auct. P inf. 1.3 Membr.II.17
Auct. P inf. 2.15 Membr.II.19
Auct. Q 2.10 Membr.II.20
Auct. Q 2.18 Membr.II.21
Auct. Q 2.20 Membr.III.10
Auct. Q 2.22 Membr.III.11
Auct. Q 3.5 Membr.III.12
Auct. Q 3.20 Membr.III.14
Auct. Q 4.2 Membr.IV.13
Auct. Q 4.11 Membr.IV.29
Auct. Q 4.16 Membr.IV.35
Auct. Q 5.4 Membr.S.12
Auct. Q 5.5 Membr.S.13
Auct. Q 5.8 Membr.S.14
Auct. Q 5.11 Membr.S.15
Auct. Q 5.12 Membr.S.16
Auct. Q 5.16 Membr.S.17
Auct. Q 5.18 Membr.S.18
Auct. Q 5.22 Membr.S.19
Auct. Q 5.26 Membr.S.20
Auct. Q 5.27 Membr.S.22
Auct. Q 5.33 Membr.S.23
Auct. Q 5.41 Ott.lat.1195
Auct. Q 5.45 Prop.Fide.II.151
Auct. Q inf. 1.22 Prop.Fide.II.159
Auct. Q inf. 1.24 Prop.Fide.II.165
Auct. Q inf. 1.3 Prop.Fide.II.173
Auct. Q inf. 1.42 Prop.Fide.II.174
Auct. Q inf. 2.13 Prop.Fide.II.175
Auct. Q inf. 2.5 Prop.Fide.II.176
Auct. Q sub. fen. 1.18 Prop.Fide.II.177
Auct. Q sup. 1.15 Prop.Fide.II.224
Auct. V 3.2 Prop.Fide.II.229
Auct. V 3.3 Prop.Fide.III.125
Auct. Y 3.1 Prop.Fide.III.193
Auct. Y 3.5 Prop.Fide.III.234
Auct. Y 3.6 Prop.Fide.III.27
B 19. 4 Linc. Prop.Fide.III.68
Bib. Lat. 1481 d.1 Prop.Fide.IV.151
Bib. Lat. 1483 d.1 Prop.Fide.IV.179
Bib. Lat. 1486 c.2 Prop.Fide.IV.217
Bib. Lat. 1486 d.3 Prop.Fide.IV.227
Bib. Lat. 1487 c.1 Prop.Fide.IV.237
Bib. Lat. 1491 c.1 Prop.Fide.IV.35
Bowyer 23 Prop.Fide.IV.48
Broxb. 70.44 Prop.Fide.IV.49
Broxb. 94.1 Prop.Fide.IV.78
Buchanan e.13 Prop.Fide.V.1
Byw. adds. 2/1 Prop.Fide.V.11
Byw. adds. 2/2 Prop.Fide.V.29
Byw. J 4.21 Reg.lat.1820
Byw. K 4.6 S.Maria.Magg.105
Byw. K 5.15 S.Maria.Magg.94
Byw. K 8.17 Stamp.Barb.AAA.I.10
Byw. M 9.16 Stamp.Barb.AAA.I.11
Byw. N 8.11 Stamp.Barb.AAA.I.22
Byw. R 4.12* Stamp.Barb.AAA.II.18
Byw. S 9.8 Stamp.Barb.AAA.II.9
Byw. U 4.1 Stamp.Barb.AAA.III.1
Byw. U 4.19 Stamp.Barb.AAA.III.11
Don. d.187 Stamp.Barb.AAA.IV.1
Don. e.233 Stamp.Barb.AAA.IV.10
Don. e.24 Stamp.Barb.AAA.IV.16
Douce 1 Stamp.Barb.AAA.IV.17
Douce 104 Stamp.Barb.AAA.IV.18
Douce 11 Stamp.Barb.AAA.IV.19
Douce 119 Stamp.Barb.AAA.IV.4
Douce 12 Stamp.Barb.BBB.I.18
Douce 14 Stamp.Barb.BBB.I.40
Douce 16 Stamp.Barb.BBB.II.41
Douce 175 Stamp.Barb.BBB.III.11
Douce 2 Stamp.Barb.BBB.III.18
Douce 215 Stamp.Barb.BBB.V.28
Douce 287 Stamp.Barb.BBB.V.29
Douce 289 Stamp.Ferr.II.233
Douce 292 Stamp.Ferr.IV.9964(7)
Douce 293 Stamp.Ross.58
Douce 32 Stamp.Ross.70
Douce 54 Stamp.Ross.94
Douce 58 Stamp.Ross.132
Douce 75 Stamp.Ross.139
Douce 9 Stamp.Ross.147
Douce D 238 Stamp.Ross.166
Douce O 126 Stamp.Ross.225
Douce P 179 Stamp.Ross.285
Douce R 257 Stamp.Ross.286
Douce RR 59 Stamp.Ross.287
Gough Missals 143 Stamp.Ross.296
Holk. d.32 Stamp.Ross.338
Holk. d.37 Stamp.Ross.380
Holk. e.1 Stamp.Ross.414
Holk. e.3 Stamp.Ross.441
Holk. e.4 Stamp.Ross.444
Inc. b. E1.1499.1 Stamp.Ross.490
Inc. c. F2.1 Stamp.Ross.491
Inc. c. I42.1479.1 Stamp.Ross.497
Inc. d. F2.2 Stamp.Ross.498
Inc. d. F2.3 Stamp.Ross.563
Inc. d. F2.1489.1 Stamp.Ross.612
Inc. d. F2.1495.1 Stamp.Ross.618
Inc. d. GS2.1481.1 Stamp.Ross.619
Inc. d. I11.1475.1 Stamp.Ross.620
Inc. d. I2.3 Stamp.Ross.735
Inc. d. I2.1481.1 Stamp.Ross.770
Inc. d. I23.1494.1 Stamp.Ross.778
Inc. d. I4.1497.1 Stamp.Ross.906
Inc. e. F1.4 Stamp.Ross.922
Inc. e. F1.6 Stamp.Ross.939
Inc. e. F1.9 Stamp.Ross.984
Inc. e. F1.1479.1 Stamp.Ross.985
Inc. e. F1.1495.1 Stamp.Ross.1009
Inc. e. F19.1 Stamp.Ross.1010
Inc. e. F2.1 Stamp.Ross.1042
Inc. e. F3.1 Stamp.Ross.1043
Inc. e. G22.4 Stamp.Ross.1046
Inc. e. G25.1 Stamp.Ross.1047
Inc. e. G3.4 Stamp.Ross.1071
Inc. e. G3.1490.1 Stamp.Ross.1156
Inc. e. G3.1494.1 Stamp.Ross.1158
Inc. e. I12.1 Stamp.Ross.1159
Inc. e. I2.1499.1 Stamp.Ross.1161
Inc. e. I3.2 Stamp.Ross.1162
Inc. e. I4.1492.1 Stamp.Ross.1172
Inc. e. I4.1500.1 Stamp.Ross.1188
Inc. e. I99.7 Stamp.Ross.1197
Inc. e. N11.2 Stamp.Ross.1198
Inc. e. N14.1 Stamp.Ross.1235
Inc. e. S14.1 Stamp.Ross.1250
Inc. e. S3.1499.1 Stamp.Ross.1281
Inc. e. S4.1 Stamp.Ross.1323
Inc. e. S4.1496.1 Stamp.Ross.1324
Inc. e. S6.1 Stamp.Ross.1366
Inc. e. S6.1500.1 Stamp.Ross.1390
Inc. f. F1.4 Stamp.Ross.1394
Inc. f. F1.5 Stamp.Ross.1403
Inc. f. F1.6 Stamp.Ross.1406
Inc. f. F1.9 Stamp.Ross.1413
Inc. f. F1.1494.1 Stamp.Ross.1422
Inc. f. F1.1497.1 Stamp.Ross.1423
Inc. f. F18.1496.1 Stamp.Ross.1424
Inc. f. F2.4 Stamp.Ross.1438
Inc. f. I22.1498.1 Stamp.Ross.1440
S. Seld. e.2 Stamp.Ross.1452
Tanner 863 Stamp.Ross.1460
Vet. B1 e.12 Stamp.Ross.1528
Wood 778 Stamp.Ross.1548

A selection of incunables in Italian

Bodleian Vatican
Arch. G b.6 Inc.I.105
Auct. 1Q 5.71 Inc.II.103
Auct. 1Q 5.78 Inc.II.869
Auct. 1Q 6.45 Inc.II.871
Auct. 1Q 7.43 Inc.II.872
Auct. 2Q 1.11 Inc.II.903
Auct. 2Q 2.18 Inc.II.905
Auct. 2Q 3.19 Inc.II.932
Auct. 2Q 4.30 Inc.IV.324
Auct. 2Q 5.21 Inc.IV.445(3)
Auct. 2Q 6.13 Inc.IV.804
Auct. 2Q 6.70 Inc.IV.916
Auct. 2Q 6.79 Inc.V.209
Auct. 2Q 6.80 Stamp.Barb.BBB.I.33
Auct. 2Q 6.84 Stamp.Barb.BBB.I.42
Auct. 2Q 6.13b Stamp.Ferr.IV.4000(1)
Auct. 2Q inf. 1.25 Stamp.Ferr.IV.4000(2)
Auct. 2Q inf. 1.42 Stamp.Ferr.IV.8139
Auct. 2Q inf. 2.43 Stamp.Ross.14
Auct. 2Q inf. 2.46 Stamp.Ross.128
Auct. 2Q inf. 2.53 Stamp.Ross.529
Auct. 2Q inf. 2.59 Stamp.Ross.837
Auct. 4Q 3.22 Stamp.Ross.1152
Auct. 4Q 5.5 Stamp.Ross.1605
Auct. 4Q 5.27 Stamp.Ross.1639
Auct. 4Q 5.69 Stamp.Ross.1734
Auct. 4Q 6.54 Stamp.Ross.2006
Auct. 6Q 4.16  
Auct. 6Q 6.30  
Auct. 6Q 6.73  
Auct. 6Q 6.13*  
Auct. 7Q 3.5  
Auct. 7Q 3.8  
Auct. 7Q 6.34  
Auct. 7Q 6.50  
Auct. 7Q 7.3  
Auct. Q sup. 2.26  
Byw. L 1.3  
Don. d.104  
Don. d.131  
Douce 100  
Douce 155  
Douce 166  
Douce 244  
Inc. c. I4.1497.1  
Inc. d. I4.1480.1  
Inc. d. I4.1480.3  
Inc. d. I4.1487.1  
Inc. e. I3.1487.1  
Inc. e. I4.7  
Inc. e. I4.1490.2  
Inc. e. I4.1491.1  
Inc. e. I4.1492.4  
Inc. e. I9.7  
Inc. e. I9.11  
Inc. e. I9.13  
Inc. e. I9.14  
Inc. e. I9.17  
Inc. e. I9.1487.2  
Inc. e. I9.1489.1  
Inc. e. I11.1500.1  
Inc. e. I22.1493.1  
Inc. e. I25.1476.1  
Inc. f. I9.1496.1  
Inc. g. I4.1494.1  
Mason FF 409  
Mason H 173  
Mortara 192  
Mortara 797  
Mortara 827  
Mortara adds. 34  
Mortara adds. 39  
Mortara adds. I 92  
S. Seld. c.2  
Toynbee 1047  
Vet. F1 d.71  

A selection of incunables in Catalan, Dutch, Spanish and Church Slavonic.

Bodleian Vatican
Auct. 5Q inf. 2.24  
Ashm. 1768  
Auct. 2Q 5.7  
Auct. V 3.6  
Auct. V 3.7  
Don. d.21  
Inc. e. N14.3  
Auct. 1Q 6.29 Stamp.Barb.BBB.III.33
Auct. Q 4.7  
Inc. d. S14.1499.1  
Inc. d. S4.1491.1  
Inc. d. S6.1500.1  
Church Slavonic