4 February 2014

Reconstitution of conjoined leaves on bound volumes

4 February 2014

Project tasks of Conservation studio at the Vatican Apostolic Library


15 January 2014

A look at some of the difficulties of translating medieval books and manuscripts to a digital medium

17 October 2013
Barocci: before treatment

The board of one of the Bodleian's Greek manuscripts is repaired before digitization

9 October 2013

How the Bodleian Library captures the images used for this project

24 April 2013
MS. Laud Gr. 35: after

An inside look at the repairs the Book Team have been carrying out in support of the Polonsky digitization project

16 April 2013
Description of Barocci Manuscript 199

If a digitised collection is to be used, it is necessary to provide accurate descriptions online to facilitate finding and identifying each item.