29 March 2016

For #WhanThatAprilleDay16, a celebration of incunabula in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish

7 March 2016
MS. Canonici Or. 62 fol. 1r

Today's post is simple: two beautifully decorated 15th-century Italian manuscripts, MS.

1 March 2016
S. Seld. d.17, fol. a6v detail

An early English instructional text has been digitized by the Bodleian

25 February 2016
MS. Canonici Or. 42 fol. 293r

An introduction to the world of ornamental marginal text

23 February 2016
MS. Michael 617 fol. 4v

The first instalment in our guide to browsing the digitized collection

8 February 2016
MS. Pococke 236 fol. 19r

An update on the conservation of the Bodleian's Hebrew manuscripts

19 January 2016
MS. Oppenheim Add. 4° 157

As we enter the final stretch of the project, production is ramping up.

20 November 2015
MS. Canon. Or. 73 f. 49v

12 new manuscripts on Digital.Bodleian

20 October 2015
fol. 18v

The Bodleian's richly illustrated MS. Barocci 170 is now online

15 September 2015
MS. Canon. Or. 41 fol. 41r

Background information and four featured manuscripts