18 January 2017

Building a virtual reading room for our digitized collections

21 December 2016
Auct. 2Q 2.18 fol. [a1]r

The 1481 edition with Landino's commentary has been digitized by the Bodleian

15 November 2016
MS. Kennicott 1 fol. 439r

The Bodleian has digitized a jewel from its Hebrew collection

2 September 2016
Douce 75 fol. A1v

An update on the recovery of the Bodleian's digitized manuscripts and incunabula

7 July 2016

Stephen Hebron on a Bodleian treasure digitized for the project

17 June 2016

The first Bodleian manuscript is back online after April's hardware failure

12 May 2016
MS. Opp. Add. 4° 149 fol. 1r

Contraband copies of Jewish philosophy

26 April 2016

Information on the recent service failure

29 March 2016

For #WhanThatAprilleDay16, a celebration of incunabula in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish

7 March 2016
MS. Canonici Or. 62 fol. 1r

Today's post is simple: two beautifully decorated 15th-century Italian manuscripts, MS.